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It's all about your smile
It's all about your smile
It's all about your smile
It's all about your smile
It's all about your smile
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Cosmetic Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry
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Preventative & Emergency Dentistry
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Galloway Dental Associates!
Dentist in Kendall & Greater Miami Area

“At Galloway Dental, we pride ourselves on providing personalized care to each and every patient in and around Miami, FL. Unlike corporate dental offices, we are a team of dedicated professionals who believe in treating our patients as individuals with unique needs and concerns. This commitment to specialized care sets us apart, and we are honored to have the opportunity to serve our community with exceptional dental services that exceed your expectations.

In addition to our personalized care, we also offer specialized pediatric dentistry services to ensure that children receive the best possible dental care. Our experienced and caring dental team creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for children, where they can learn about proper oral hygiene and receive the necessary treatments to maintain good oral health.

At Galloway Dental, we also utilize Itero, a digital technology platform for dental scanning and treatment planning, which allows us to take high-quality digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and gums. These images are then combined to create a detailed, 3D model of the patient’s mouth, enabling faster and more efficient diagnosis and treatment planning. Our digital X-ray facilities are also safe, as patients are subjected to reduced radiation exposure. “

If you are looking for an affordable, empathetic, and caring dentist in Kendall, FL, Galloway Dental Associates is the right choice for you.

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Are you ready to schedule an appointment? Our dentists in Kendall, FL are excited to meet you and help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

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At Galloway Dental Associates, we promise to provide personalized care and give you the best results our experienced in dentistry can achieve!

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Rated amongst the top Dentists in Kendall, FL! Galloway Dental Associates provides family dentistry and pediatric dentistry!

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General & Cosmetic Dentist in Kendall, FL
Invisalign Provider, Sleep Apnea

Pediatric Dentist in Kendall, FL

Pediatric Dentistry in Kendall, FL

General & Cosmetic Dentist in n Kendall, FL

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At Galloway Dental Associates, we are happy to serve you and your children with all your dental needs, from general
dental care to pediatric dentistry.

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At Galloway Dental Associates


First Time Discount
Our New Patient Special Offer Includes X-Rays, Complete Dental Examination, and Dental Cleaning. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

$50 OFF

First Time Discount

Zoom is the most requested teeth whitening treatment in Kendall, FL. We offer a range of Professional “in the office” or “take home” whitening treatments.


$500 OFF

First Time Discount

Say goodbye to ugly braces and wires and hello to your new straight teeth. Invisalign in Kendall, FL, is the most discrete and comfortable way to get the smile you deserve.


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